Fasting and Your Health

Fasting Is About  Being Healthy

Fasting Is Not All about Suffering, But Also Being Healthy

For Roman Catholics, fasting is a part of the Lenten Season’s celebration. For Muslims, they fast during their Ramadan. For some people, they fast because of some health conditions that they are no longer allowed to eat anything they want.

Fasting is indeed a way of suppressing yourself to do and eat anything you desire to have and do. It is a form of sacrifice. On the other hand, fasting can also give you health benefits, which makes it motivating and exciting.

The Health Benefits of Fasting

1) It could make your digestive system rest for a while because there are no foods to process.

2) It detoxifies your body. By not eating anything, your body could not also absorb toxins, and could eliminate the existing ones, instead.

3) When you have eating problems, fasting can change your patterns and you could get over it.

4) Fasting promotes and enhances mental activity.

5) The feeling that you are doing something to make you healthy also motivates you to be more active and energetic.

6) Fasting can build strong connections to your spiritual aspect.

7) It could promote healthy mental and emotional conditions. It relaxes your mind and giving you full control of your emotions.

8) It can help you lose weight because you are becoming conscious of what food you are just going to eat and all those excess fats would be washed away from your system.

Fasting: Saving Your Life and Not Putting It to Risk

Here are some tips on how you could make the most of the benefits that fasting can give you.

1) Define your purpose why are you fasting. This would serve as your guide as well as your motivation in finding ways for you to achieve your goal.

2) Know what fasting is. It is not about not eating anything for the rest of your life. Since it is a form of sacrifice, it means that you are not going to consume everything what you usually eats for a meal or snacks.

3) Get a professional help. You can contact a nutritionist or a dietician. They could give you the best recommendations, especially giving you alternative healthy foods you can eat and still get the same calories needed by your body to stay healthy.

4) Monitor your health condition. Fasting is not ideal for all, especially those who have some health conditions that badly need complete nourishment from healthy foods.

Before you decide that you will fast, make it sure that you been health evaluated first and even if you are already fasting, try to make a frequent visit to your doctor if what you are doing is not making you sick.

Indeed, fasting in a healthy way can save your life from getting any fatal diseases caused by consuming everything, especially those unhealthy junked foods.

It could make you be more conscious of what is the status of your body. In the combined religious and health aspect, fasting in a good way is an act of sacrifice for you to preserve your life, making you healthier for you to become more active in doing good things for others.