Honey and Lemon Weight Loss Diet

Detoxification: The Honey and Lemon Weight Loss Diet

As you know, honey is a very good source of natural sugars and carbohydrates. Lemon on the other hand is a very effective detoxifying agent because of the high acidity properties it has, which cleanses your whole body system, causing you to lose all those unhealthy fats in your body. Many men and women, the common people and even those prominent ones have practiced the “honey and lemon weight loss diet”.

If you would just understand the concept of the combination, the lemon – as it cleanses your body, the honey would serve as your food so your body could still get enough source of energy to make you perform your daily tasks.

Recipes For This Diet

Actually, you could make your own customized honey and lemon diet. However, there are already recipes that have been scientifically studied by nutritionists and approved by a health professional, which you could also have with the details below. That help remove some of the burden.

1) After buying your honey and lemon ingredients, put them in a fridge to perfect preservation.

2) Prepare your tablespoon, warm water, and your cup to contain your finished product.

3) Heat the cup of water on the stove.

4) Pour 3 tablespoon of honey and lemon in the water and mix them well. Drink everything until the last drop of it.

Tips for More Effective Result of Honey and Lemon Weight Loss Diet Without Starvation
There are three options on how you are going to drink up your healthy mixture of honey and lemon, which varies on their level of effectiveness with the following information:

1) The first option is that you are going to drink your mixture first hour in the morning and you would not eat anything after 1 hour. Drinking of water is advised and you should add healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet. You could expect a minimal weight loss in this routine and measurement.

2) The second option is almost the same density , but you are not going to eat before lunch after you have drunk up the mixture in the morning. You may still drink water after an hour added with healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is the most recommended weight loss program.

3) For intense weight loss plan, to get a load off the third option is you are going to drink your mixture first hour in the morning, but you would be discouraged to eat anything the whole day. However, you can drink water after one hour and then the next two hours for the whole day.

Is This Diet Safe

Many people have already tried this diet and they are very much grateful for the amazing effects. The best way to make sure, if it is safe is to check with your doctor if they would approve such diet plan. Actually, you would need to suffer from hunger first if you would stick to that diet plan, especially when you are used to have a daily routine that you are just eating anything you want any time of the day.
Nevertheless, when you get used to this healthy “Honey and Lemon Weight Loss Diet”, you would slowly observe big changes in your health and your life by using this regime.

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