Losing Weight with Omega 3- Fatty Acids Rich Foods

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Aside from the contribution of omega 3 that act as brain enhancers and known to be healthy for the heart, the food rich in this compound, like the fish oil is very ideal for your weight loss plan.

It was just a myth before, but recent studies have already proven the connection between Omega 3- Fatty Acids rich foods and losing weight.

On those controlled weight loss programs, they have added the fish oil in the diet. There was a significant result in the goal of losing weight with the calorie-counted and increase exercise in a healthy weight loss program.

They have observed that the fish oil, containing omega 3-fatty acids promotes a regular blood circulation that is ideal for a person when doing strenuous exercise routine. The omega 3 oil is also acting as a transporter of fats so they could be utilized in the body in a healthy way.

What Are the Health Benefits of Omega 3-Fatty Acids?

Omega 3 and Omega 6 are known to be Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), as the words suggest, they are important in the body and performs many healthy processes, making almost all body parts function well in their specific roles.

Aside from these, here are specific reasons why it is healthy for a person who wants to lose weight to include foods that are rich in EFAs:

1) EFAs increase the metabolism of the body and it aims to burn those unhealthy fats. This results in slimming because all those excess fats would be withdrawn from the body.

2) EFAs also act as suppressors of our body’s cravings, which promotes a healthy appetite.

3) Processing of EFAs in the body does not require too much amount of energy and it minimizes the fat production. Instead of carbohydrates and sugars in the diet, EFAs are much recommended.

4) EFAs also promotes decrease in water retention in your tissues and remove all the excess water that are no longer necessary in performing vital body processes. This in return results in losing the excess weight of your body.

5) It energizes your whole body that you would be motivated to be more active in your daily routine, promoting a very healthy lifestyle discouraging too much weight.

6) As what mentioned, omega 3 is brain enhancer, means that it boosts your confidence and would help you recover any depressing situations.

What Experts Say About Omega 3-Fatty Acids and Weight Loss

Since this essential fatty acid promotes normal functioning of almost all body parts, it also targets a balanced diet, as well as the normal weight. Many experts, especially those who are in weight loss programs are encouraging everyone to include foods rich in this compound so that even if you are on your way to lose your excess fats, there would be a replacement, and these are the healthy ones.

Most see foods like fish and algae are the primary sources of these healthy fatty acids. You should grab these health food items, to make sure that you are eating food products that do not just satisfy your hunger, but also not making you gain too much weight as they have these healthy components promoting a healthy body.